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Navajo Cryptocurrency – Decentralized Anonymity Through Double Encryption

Bitcoin along with many other cryptocurrencies of its generation have reformed the world of today. Though very few are aware [...]

Four New Partnerships That Take Franko Into the Future

WASHINGTON, NC. – Franko DAC, creator of Franko [FRK], today announced its partnership with four new companies. Unbauctions.com, 247CryptoNews.com, Mintsy.com, [...]

Rimbit – The Story of a Successful Crypto Crowdfunded on…

We came across these day with Rimbit & its development team, and we were stunned to find out about them and [...]

Weekly Top 5 Bitcoin Music

Welcome back, we decided to make this music playlists with Bitcoin Music every week. Why ? 1. Because they are [...]

Crypto News 24/7 Giveaway via Xapo Wallet

Hope you will enjoy our giveaway . It is not necessary to do both of tasks , you can retweet [...]

Geekkos – The Future Crypto Made For Gamers [UPDATED]

[UPDATE 16-02-2015 10:50 AM +2 UTC] Geekkos failed to reach the success condition to their crowdsale (80 BTC). The amount [...]

Bitcoin Music
Bitcoin Music from Bitcoin Fans & Supporters – Top 5…

Hello readers, we have set up for you a video list with top 5 Bitcoin Music from Bitcoin fans & supporters from [...]

Who Owns All The Bitcoins ? [Infographic]

As Bitcoin is a relative new currency that favors early adopters is easy to understand why so few hold so [...]

Coinbase Has Launched The First Regulated U.S Based Exchange

Today 26/1/2015 Coinbase has landed on the moon ! What ? Since the scoring of a massive $75 million funding [...]