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Coinbase Expands US Debit Card Coverage

All things must come to an end eventually (at least in the world as we know it) and as much [...]

IBM Bitcoin Rain Event & Commercial

We’ve heard that IBM is a huge Bitcoin adopter and they made a Bitcoin Rain at Campus Party 2015 (CPBR8), [...]

BitGo First-Ever Bitcoin Multi-Sig Wallet With Theft Insurance

Formed in association with Innovation Insurance Group LLC, BitGo is now fully insured from the risk of Fund Theft. Is [...]

Weekly Top 5 Bitcoin Music

Welcome back, we decided to make this music playlists with Bitcoin Music every week. Why ? 1. Because they are [...]

What Is Bitcoin’s True Intrinsic Value?

What Is Bitcoin’s True Intrinsic Value? Six years since the invention of Bitcoin, its potential for disruption of global finance [...]

EasBit Bitcoin Wallet
EasBit – Easy To Use With High Level Security Bitcoin…

What is this about? Easbit is a startup in mobile software development for cryptocurrency. A granny proof and high level [...]

Bitcoin Music
Bitcoin Music from Bitcoin Fans & Supporters – Top 5…

Hello readers, we have set up for you a video list with top 5 Bitcoin Music from Bitcoin fans & supporters from [...]

Who Owns All The Bitcoins ? [Infographic]

As Bitcoin is a relative new currency that favors early adopters is easy to understand why so few hold so [...]

Over 12 Million Dollars Lost in Bitcoin Scams Since 2011…

In 2011 scams that promising Bitcoin riches , netted the crooks with over $12 Millions in the last four years  [...]

Bitcoin Hackaton Winner Implement Bitcoin Instant Transactions

If Bitcoin is meant to be the perfect money of this for this new tech era, one important property seems [...]