One of the biggest thefts in crypto currency and the…

On 20th of July, a hacker stole $31M worth of Ethereum and while this is not recent news, it remains [...]

Sheep Darknet Marketplace Owner Arrested While Trying to Buy Luxury…

Thomas Jiřikovský, an alleged Owner of one of the most popular Darknet website ‘Sheep Marketplace‘, has been captured after laundering [...]

BTER Stolen Funds Are Moving – Exchanges Please Advise

We had a rough month, with multiple hackings from BTER to CAVITEX and other exchanges as well. So  1.680.000$ million [...]

BTER Got Hacked 7000 Bitcoins Stolen In 7 Different Accounts

The Currency Exchange BTER announced that it  lost 7,170 bitcoins or roughly $1.75 million at press time, in a hack on [...]

GAW Miners & Paycoin – Scam Alert , Complaints &…

We stayed away from this drama for some time , but after this company “GAW” , its CEO – Josh [...]

Vericoin – Bailout Mintpal Mistake With Extreme Measure

This week was very interesting , in special  when we speak about Mintpal Incident of which Vericoin’s funds were stolen [...]

Brainwallet.org exploited and bitcoins were stolen

We know better that JavaScipt’s Math Functions don`t have enough good standards to be used in Cryptography since it’s very basic [...]

Pony Loader 2.0 now steals cryptocurrency wallets

Pony Loader 2.0, also referred to as Fareit, has been circulating since earlier this year, but the source code was [...]

Cryptostocks.com – Black Hole made for crypto investors

Cryptostocks.com it’s a massive black hole for Bitcoin / Litecoin And DevCoin investors .  CryptoStocks.com it’s one of the most shady investment [...]

SilkCoin Mandatory Update – New GUI, Reduced Block Rewards and…

Mandatory update for your SilkCoin Wallet ! As usual the guys from Silk Coin are doing constant updates . And [...]