Blocksaleio_ITO – A Legal I.C.O Accepts Only Accredited Investors by…

Today, there is a large disconnect in the FinTech industry between great ITO (Initial Token Offering) projects and provide the means [...]

China didn’t ban ICOs, but temporarily stoped it to protect…

This week, news came out that China will ban all initial coin offerings but now we can firmly say that [...]

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China Banned I.C.Os? Last Statement Says Yes

An ICO is a risky way of investing in cryptocurrency as there is no guarantee that the coin will have [...]

SunContract Token – Bringing Solar Power closer to blockchain

Crowdsale of SunContract started on 28 June and closed on 1 of August. Currently, it’s traded on HitBtc at an [...]

Decentraland – Another ICO that failed the community.

Decentraland’s ICO took place on august 17th and was a big success, if we only look at the amount of [...]