Cryptorubble – Russia announced its own Cryptocurrency

Through the voice of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Nikolai Nikiforov, Rusia announced that will create its own cryptocoin [...]

3 Questions I wish I’d Asked Before Buying Bitcoin.

I remember the first time I tried to buy Bitcoin on an exchange. Signing up for an account was easy [...]

about musicoin
Musicoin, a platform to connect artists and listeners.

Music Coin can be seen as an innovative way to share music and earn from streaming, and even more, the [...]

Atencoin To Hold International Conference in Poland

Conferences in the Bitcoin world are all too common now. After attending many in Europe, you start to see the [...]

GameCredits – An Exciting Gaming Cryptocurrency That Will Revolutionize In-Game…

I have no idea how I missed this amazing cryptocurrency! Yes GameCredits is one of the few cryptocurrencies that target [...]

Sprouts – A New Cryptocurrency with High & Fast P.o.S…

These months the silent is all over the cryptocurrency when in May most of the new wave of cryptocurrencies had [...]

Franko Cryptocurrency – Updated To Core

WASHINGTON, NC. – The Collective, creator of Franko [FRK], today announced its release of Franko Core Making this change [...]

Sling – The First Fully Decentralized Market In-Wallet With Escrow…

More Innovation In Cryptocurrency World While searching these days between cryptocurrencies, we came across another innovative cryptocurrency, called SLING. It’s [...]

Blockchain Technologies Inc. Contest Awards Winners With BTI Staker HardWallets

Blockchain Technologies Inc. started a beautiful contest from the date of 18th May and it will end on June 18th, 2015. Their contest [...]

Crypto PawnShop – Bitcoin Liquidity For Cryptocurrencies Holders

We came across an interesting service in cryptocurrency eco-system. It’s about Crypto PawnShop, it’s a moment when we really need Bitcoin [...]